A dog called Plum

2014-11-19 Plum


Quick sketch of my 9-month-old poodle

2014-11-15 Dirkje

Made on an iPad with the Moleskine app.

My souvenir from Lisbon

2014-08-16 tram1

In august 2014 I went to Lisbon. What a beuatiful, amazing city! I loved all the old trams (even though there were mostly tourists on them). I drew one of them as a perfect memory of a perfect holiday.


2014-08-12 Portret (2)

Asian girl with hat

2014-07-11 meisje met hoed

Just a girl

2014-07-11 meisje


Beards are hot!

2014-07-10 Baardmans

Beards are still very trendy (at least in Amsterdam). Reason enough to draw one (with a guy attached).


Fiat 500

2014-07-09 Fiat 500

I’m studying Italian this summer, so I felt like doing an Italian drawing.

(I made this on my iPad, with the Paper app.  Highly recommended.)

Giuseppe and I

2014-07-05 dubbelportret

My first attempt at a self-portrait. Followed by my first attempt at a portret of my husband Giuseppe.


(Very Dutch) cow

2014-06-30 koe

I love my paper Moleskine journals. But I recently discovered that there is a very nice digital version as well, the (free) Moleskine app.  Using that, I made this drawing of a (very Dutch) cow in the fields.

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